Dunigan Dashed at Rockingham

DME Racing Wins at Sponsored Event

The August Manufacturers Cup race has been circled on Team DME’s calendar all year…. After all, as the title sponsor for the third stop of the Man Cup tour it went without saying that the team hoped to have an outstanding weekend.  It would also be a very big weekend for DME as it would be the first time all year they have had 5 official bikes entered in competition.

Saturday’s first qualifying session got underway as the heat of the August sun started heating up the track.  In what has seemingly become a trend (great for Team DME but not so great for their competitors) ace rider Joey Gladstone found himself sitting in the familiar number one spot after the first qualifier in Pro Street with a stout 6.90 at 207mph.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, as teammates Terrence Angela and Jason Dunigan had less than ideal first qualifiers with Terrence fighting traction issues and Jason not being able to take the tree under power.


Second round came up and it was almost a mirror image of the first round.  Jason Dunigan was able to make it down the track despite multiple wheelies to run a mid seven second pass while Terrence spun on the hit.  Fro the third qualifier Dunigan made some small improvements to move up a few spots for the Sunday ladder.

The team worked late into Saturday night to make sure all five bikes were locked and loaded for Sunday eliminations.  They continued to work with Jason and his bike during the Saturday night grudge session and after a 7.15 pass they were ready to go for first round. The weekend had been up and down to this point and they hoped to shake off everything and put on a show for all the fans during eliminations.

The team brought their A game on Sunday and all three riders quickly dispatched of their competitors during the first round of Pro Street action.

Thoughts of the “perfect” weekend were dashed in second round as Dunigan was unable to combat Rodney Willifords quickest pass of the round.

Team DME will continue to push the envelope and improve all three of their combinations and look forward to the final push of the 2015 season.

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