Dunigan Heds to U.S. Nationals Hopeful

The DME Racing Team experienced an unusual outcome during the 46th Annual Orient Express U.S. Nationals IDBL race. But then again, the whole weekend’s race was an unusual event. The IDBL staff once again proved why they are at the top of their game as intermittent showers threatened the event on both full days of racing. With almost 700 entries the staff worked tirelessly (seriously, sleep was at a premium) to get all the racing finished.

Saturday’s first qualifier went off without a hitch at the scheduled 1pm time slot and was the first of many surprises of the weekend. Gladstone and Angela ripped off almost identical 7.05 passes to qualify 3rd & 4th, while Dunigan fought wheelies early on to land in the 8th spot.

As the sun came up on Sunday morning everyone readied themselves for a long day and the final qualifier that was coming up quick. Taking advantage of the cool morning conditions, team boss Dimey Eddinger gave Andy Sawyer the go ahead to turn the bikes up. The results were Jason Dunigan who was able to improve upon his qualifying position and time with a much more controllable 7.19.


First round of Pro Street eliminations certainly kept the saga going. Joey took a first round bye to start things off for DME and then Jason Dunigan pulled off a season best 7.025 pass to win first round over Tony Ficher. The excitement was evident after Dunigan’s pass; however that was quickly squashed with the unfortunate first round exit of teammate Terrence as he battled issues down the track.

With no time to spare the team quickly went back to work to prepare for the second round of eliminations. The constantly changing weather conditions were proving to be quite a headache for head tuner Sawyer, but the “brain trust” got together and devised a plan for round two. Out the gate they experienced a nail biter as Joey was able to overcome a starting line disadvantage and drive around Richard Gadson in round two. Facing red hot Ehren Litten (who had recorded several 6 second passes over the weekend) Jason Dunigan knew the team would have to step up to the plate and told them to “go for it”. The tune up was there and had the bike not lost traction early on in the run it would have been a very close race. As usual Dunigan was still in high spirits and is eagerly looking forward to the final IDBL event.

This crazy, wild, roller coaster of a weekend was one the team will certainly not forget anytime soon. From the new records by both Joey and Terrance to the season best for Jason the team really came together on this particular weekend.


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