Dunigan Racing Dives into the Sixes

On April 13th at the Manufactures Cup, Jason Dunigan and the DME crew fulfilled a goal that eluded them in 2013. Jason Duingan, one of the ‘big boys’ of Pro Street made it into the 6 second zone.

In the first round of competition on Sunday, Jason was paired with his good friend Frankie Stotz on his Honda powered Pro Street. While Jason took the tree on Frankie and ran the fastest pass of his life, 6.977 at 213.23, his pass was overshadowed by Frankie throwing down a 6.908. As the crowd cheered for Frankie, it took a few seconds for everyone to realize what Jason had just accomplished. Once the realization set in, it was absolute celebration by everyone in the lanes, not only was it a side-by-side 6 second pass, it was the personal best for both riders.



Frankie and I had a great first round, were really good friends and even better competitors . When we left the starting line it was a race of inches that Frankie won. We pulled of the track and begin to laugh and talk about the run…….we knew it was fast.” said Jason. “Then Ryan Schnitz came around the corner and said that we went side by side sixes, then we got really excited. It felt really good to finally get that monkey off my back. People told me I wouldn’t get it done. Dimey and Andy at DME Racing have set the bar in Pro Street and I honestly couldn’t be happier to be a part of their team. This whole year my focus is to be a better more consistent rider on race day. One round at Rockingham 7.08 and now Valdosta 6.97. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. Hopefully , 6.90’s consecutively is what’s next for me.”

Look for Jason and the DME Racing crew this weekend at the MIROCK Fast by Gast Spring Nationals at Maryland International Raceway April 25-27, 2014

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